11-14 February 2016: ISU World Single Distances Speed Skating Championships in Kolomna

The realization of ISU World Single Distances Speed Skating Championships in Kolomna is undoubtedly the greatest event for our city and the whole Russian sport. It was even more interesting since it was held in the middle of the season and the strongest sportsmen from all over the world came to challenge. While holding the Championships the organizers observed the rules and regulations of the Olympic Games. The Olympic program includes all the distances which skaters performed on the Kolomna ice including mass start (will be in the Olympic program in 2018 for the first time).  

This wide sports program for sure came to the liking of the fans and spectators. Sports fans packed the tribunes and effectively cheered the skaters up. Martina Sablikova (3 000 m World Champion-2016): «You have great speed skating atmosphere here in Kolomna. Lots of fans, the support of the tribunes helped me a lot!».

It goes without saying that the sports measures of such a level are always held with the willing help of volunteers. At the Championships in Kolomna 63 volunteers were invited to help. All they came from the State Socio-Humanitarian University and helped to: ISU official representatives and international judges (6 volunteers), medical staff of doping control (8 volunteers), press-center people (5 volunteers), and in the spheres of transfer (8 volunteers) and sports (12 volunteers), at hotels and airports (18 volunteers) and all round the Moscow Region Speed Skating Center «Kolomna» (16 volunteers).

The fascinating entertaining program was arranged for the numerous fans and spectators in which cheering entertainers and costumed character puppets – the symbols of the Championships Petrushka and Snegovushka – took part.

The ice making machines even were decorated in the traditional Russian style – like old brick stoves and real smoke came from their chimneys.

The trading zone of the Center welcomed various outlets selling sports symbols, clothing, Russian souvenirs, Kolomna specific food and sweets.